Negative Space

Alberto Gabellone and Cathy Zhang
Curated by Sophia Halloway

5 – 15 March 2020

Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka

Negative Space explores a relationship between Scandinavian and Chinese concepts of negative space and how this manifests in an Australian landscape through the work of Alberto Gabellone and Cathy Zhang.

Negative space, in regard to sculpture, refers to the space around an object (ie the gallery), or the space within that emphasises form. Gabellone and Zhang’s practices in drawing and ceramics respectively manifest in sculptural pieces that rely on proportion, line, scale and geometric qualities to emphasise form.

Curated by Sophia Halloway, the exhibition examines the complimentary and conflicting aspects of the artists’ respective practices, encouraging contemplation of the space within.

Image: Cathy Zhang, The Quantity of Being 2019. Photo credit Yangyang Yin.

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